edgeSwindon Writer & Co-Director Billy Rees and Producer & Co-Director Doug Kirby are pleased to announce yet another Official Selection for their short film Edge, which was shot in Bristol by Swindon Filmmakers.

It also introduces eleven year old Grace Slattery who attends Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts at Nova Hreod in Swindon in her first professional film.

The Edge is a harrowing film exploring how a situation can be perceived… Who is Michael and what is his relationship with the woman he is talking to? The film is not only fascinating in its subject matter, which touches on such poignant issues as perception, mental health, family  and relationships, it is also intriguing in its creation, using a “one shot” technique. As the name implies the whole film is shot in one continuous take giving it the fluidity of film coupled with the tangibility of theatre and the realism of everyday life.

“In this short narrative we wanted to twist and confuse peoples perceptions by slowly altering their perspective,” say its creators, “We managed to achieve this and in doing so we hope we get people to question their attitude to others and their surroundings, perhaps think before they leap to a conclusion.” It deals “with relevant subjects and touches on several topics around family, relationships and mental health. All in under 11 minutes in ‘One Shot’. We hope it’s entertaining too!”

As well as the aforementioned Grace, the film also stars Ellis J Wells (Then They Came For Me) and Tina Barnes (Emerdale).

The world premier of the film took place last weekend at the Chilliwack Independent Film Festival in Canada to critical praise, award winning film director Casey Kowalchuk saying. “I was able to see Edge at the Chilliwack Independent Film Festival last weekend. Best short film I’ve seen in a long time. Brilliant work!”

It’s UK premier will be on Saturday 9th December at London’s Lift Off Festival and it will then feature as a nominated film at Feel The Reel Cinematography in Glasgow and The Amsterdam Around International Film next year.


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