Songs of Praise don’t do many big shows in Swindon anymore, but on the rare occasion that they get back on the bigger stages to put on a gig, you can guarantee that it is worth checking out.  And on 6th July they are bringing iconic Americana act, Danny and The Campions of The World to The Victoria as part of their warm up for the festival season.

With the latest album ‘Brilliant Light’ Danny Wilson has made his ‘All Things Must Pass’ – a big record of hit after hit stretching over two albums plus a further bonus set of instrumentals. He’s allowed both himself and his band the absolute freedom to explore, experiment, and collaborate, and they’ve grabbed it with both hands. Hidden away somewhere in this diverse collection you’ll find the question “can we release ourselves back into the brilliant light?”. For Danny the brilliant light is creativity, but more than that it’s collaborative creativity, and the process of birthing these songs, both by design and then serendipity, has been to maximise the creative potential of all The Champs. Of special note to fans here in Swindon the track ‘Swift Street’ features a writing credit to local musician Carra Bacon (Josh Kumra).

Support comes from the brilliant Case Hardin’ and local guitar slingers Black Sheep Apprentice.


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