With the Swindon Shuffle only weeks away, we thought that we would help you work out which bands you might want to see, which old favourites to catch, which new acts to check out with a quick and often visual guide to what is going on over that glorious celebration of original music.

Just to recap, the Swindon Shuffle is a non-profit, free entry, in the city style, festival of original music drawn from mainly local but also regional bands. The venues are all in Old Town as the whole point is that, like any outdoor festival, it is only a short hop between stages and with generally two, occasionally more, sessions happening at the same time it is worth doing a bit of research and planning first. There are some who prefer to turn up and go with the flow but this generally results in a few “gutted I missed that band” moments and so the reason for us highlighting a few of the bands.

Over the weeks leading up to the event, we will feature a couple of the more prominent bands taking part but this can obviously only be a sonic tip of the musical iceberg and so for the full story check out the Shuffle website.

Full band list, venues, times and other information can be found here – http://www.swindonshuffle.org.uk



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