So, it is that time again, Festival season and although there are festivals which are bigger, more cutting edge, which perhaps carry more brownie points with the movers and shakers of the music world, there is a lot to be said for a free festival taking place in the heart of the town. Yes, The Swindon Shuffle, a local celebration of original music featuring over 40 acts and taking place during 5 days, around the bars and venues of Old Town, hits its 12th year, is back. (And they said it would never work..ha)

There will be acoustic sessions, rock line ups and weird experimental happenings, indie kids and old-school punks, folks frolics and country grooves, blues men and goths and even some cool afterparty DJs…it has the lot. Well, a fair bit anyway.

And of course the whole point is that with generally at least two sessions taking part at any given time and always within easy Shuffling distance…hence the name, its all about planning your route through the weekend to watch as many of your favourite bands as a possible, and of course encountering new ones along the way. Plus meeting interesting people and getting a bit squiffy with them to a wonderful, live soundtrack.

So here’s the line up in full, make a note of the bands, the times, the venues, or just wander about as the mood takes you. Either way, this particular journo will see you at a bar somewhere along the way.

Bands, venues, times etc can all be found at the Swindon Shuffle Website


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