Young filmmaker Oliver Rogers gets international recognition for his short film spurring him to create a full feature film.

Oliver from Wiltshire in the UK, based his short film ‘Full Disclosure’ on interviews with a well know whistleblower in the UFO community. On watching it UFO expert and author Dr Michael E Salla said it was an “outstanding way of introducing (whistleblower’s name) testimony to the world. Congratulations to Oliver Rogers, actors and crew for contributing to Full Disclosure. This short film should be submitted to the 2018 International UFO Congress!”

On hearing of the film, the whistleblower asked Oliver to extend the film so it could be shown at “Contact in the Desert 2017”, the largest UFO convention in the USA. Oliver did this with the help of friends and professional filmmakers which is when Doug Kirby came on board. They wrote, cast, shot and edited a new short and achieved this in under a month! This short film was then shown at the convention to an audience of over 1500 people who applauded it. The original film has had over 11,000 views on youtube with part two adding an additional 2600 views.

This, and many other positive comments persuaded Oliver and his team of award winning filmmakers and friends to develop the full feature film which Oliver will write and direct. The film will be a fictional narrative, but was inspired by real interviews with a range of whistleblowers and testimony from the online UFO community. This is a controversial subject and even on the crew we have a range of sceptics, believers and undecided. Whether you believe this story is showing the truth that there is more going on in our solar system than we imagine (is anybody out there?), or is a work of science fiction, it is hoped that you will enjoy the film, and that it will inspire you to want to know more about the subject.

Oliver said, “The cast and crew will be working voluntarily (including, we hope, a celeb or two). However we want this to look as good as the script and acting are, so we need to hire professional kit. Production values will also be important with respect to set, location and prop hire. Lastly we have to get to the locations, and feed the army of techs, grunts and actors (grunts is an affectionate term for infantry men, but in our case, our producers!) We’re making the film anyway, but are looking for investment which will help make it look and sound the best it can”. You can become involved by contacting Doug or Oliver or Investing/buying a perk at Indiegogo

Producer Doug came on board as in the past Oliver had worked on several of his films and impressed Doug with his enthusiasm. “ Oliver’s passion for filmmaking has always impressed me, his zeal for this subject and obvious knowledge persuaded me to get involved. I can not wait to begin filming what will be an epic story.”

Camera Operator Henry Merrideth who shot the shorts is coming back to work on the feature. He stated, “The feature film, like the shorts, will be shot in a film noir style which suits the fact that although science fiction, it is also a thriller and harks back to the original 50’s  “The Day the Earth stood Still” and “Cape Fear”. However, it is brought up to date by modern cameras’ dynamic range and a blisteringly cool underground British Hip Hop soundtrack headed up by Eric the Red and Sean Peng of “Creatures of Habit” to create an imaginative soundscape. Both the look and soundscape add to the tense urgency and paranoia of the world the film is set in.”


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