In the early 20th century, Mr F Winslow of Swindon gave his collection of musical instruments, which included historic and modern instruments from Britain and the rest of the world, to Swindon Museum.

A selection of these instruments are now on display at the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery in an exhibition which explores the skill and artistry of musical instruments.  Many of the instruments are from Africa, Asia and the Middle East and the Winslow Collection of Musical Instruments can be viewed online by following the link on the Museum and Art Gallery website –

On display alongside the collection of instruments is an unusual collection of photographs,taken by museum curator Charles Gore in 1930. The images are quite playful, and showcase how unique and beautiful the instruments are. Swindon Museum and Art Gallery moved to Bath Road in the late 1920s and these photographs were taken to help promote the museum and art gallery.

The photos were probably taken at the back of our building, Apsley House. The building was changed dramatically in the early 1960s when the art gallery extension was added, and part of the rear of the building was demolished.

Runs until Saturday, 3 March



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