‘Celebrating the Sites of Swindon’ – Lydiard House photograph unveiling, 4 August 2017


Photographer Robin Allix-Page will be sharing his story on Friday, 4 August to mark the opening of a new exhibition.


Having lived in the town for 20 years, Robin has recently been working on a photographic exhibition entitled ‘Celebrating the Sites of Swindon’. The exhibition supports the Bringing Radiotherapy to Swindon Appeal, by raising awareness and helping to raise the necessary funds for a new Radiotherapy Centre in Swindon.


Robin said: “On the 9th August 2016, I was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer and given a year to live. After travelling to Oxford every day for my radiotherapy, raising money for the Bringing Radiotherapy to Swindon Appeal made its way on to my bucket list.”


Currently, cancer patients diagnosed at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon are required to travel 70 miles to receive daily Radiotherapy treatment, putting emotional and financial stress on patients and families.


During Robin’s 21 weeks of chemotherapy this year, he took more than 800 photographs around Swindon on his good days.


After meeting Stuart Webb, Lydiard Estate & Parkland Manager, Robin presented the park with a stunning image of Lydiard House, which will be unveiled on Friday. The framed photograph will serve as a link between the House from the Visitor Centre.


Robin’s first exhibition starts on 31st October in the main corridor at the Great Western Hospital.



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