Swindon will return to the scene of last year’s Premiership title glory today.

Alun Rossiter’s men will head to Wolverhampton, where they sensationally grabbed the championship in front of TV cameras last October.

But CFS Filtration Robins boss Rossiter admits the slate is now wiped clean with a new season ready to go.

“We’ll never forget that night last October,” said Rossiter. “I was proud of our efforts and everything we achieved.

“But everyone at Wolverhampton will be keen to put one over us now. I’m sure they were hurting bad after what happened and I would have been if it was us.

“It’s always a tough place to go but we’re looking forward to it and hopefully we can get a result from this and put some points on the board early on.”

Swindon, like everyone else, have been starved of action because of the poor run of weather but after Monday’s visit to the West Midlands they return to the Abbey for a rearranged Premiership clash with Leicester on Thursday at 7.30pm.

WOLVERHAMPTON: Jacob Thorssell, Kyle Howarth, Cameron Heeps, Rory Schlein, Sam Masters, Nathan Greaves, Ashley Morris.
SWINDON: Nick Morris, David Bellego, Troy Batchelor, Adam Ellis, Tobiasz Musielak, Mitchell Davey, Zach Wajtknecht.


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