If you think of boxing as a man’s sport, then think again. That may have been the case in the past but things are changing and the reason is due to sportswomen like Bec Connolly. Having graduated from Judo at a very young age, boxing not only stole her heart but provided an escape mechanism for her when life dealt a series of tough challenges and it was then that she realised, “It was the point that was going to break me or I could fight like hell, and I haven’t stopped since.”

But boxing is still a difficult place to get accepted as a woman and as Bec moves up the rankings, the need for financial support and sponsorship are becoming more and more important. As she points out, she works just as hard as the men, in the gym and in the ring, even fighting outside her weight to keep the momentum going. “My last fight was with a girl who was a junior welterweight and I’m a super featherweight,  so I had to rely on my boxing ability and not my strength with her. I think I’m an entertaining fighter with KO power and a shed load of heart. I think that I deserve the chance to be on a bigger platform than the one I have now.”

In an age where the fight for gender equality is rightfully gaining momentum, for women to be treated as equals rather than second class citizens in not only sport but all walks of life, Bec is flying a very important flag for women everywhere. She has served a 32 fight apprenticeship and is now fighting professionally and looking to bring a title home to Swindon very soon. Forget the Kardashians and this week’s pop stars, this is the role model you want to present to young girls.

If you want to support her, it’s as simple as donating to her go fund me page here, buying tickets to her fights but if you are interested in sponsoring her, having your company logo associated with her as she fights her way to the top then more information can be found at her site  – http://www.becconnolly.co.uk

Let’s all get behind “Lady Luck” and help her raise the profile of female athletes, women’s boxing and Swindon as she inevitably goes from success to success.


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