A slow moving and wide ‘abnormal load’ will be escorted through Wiltshire tomorrow, Sunday 29th April.

The load is due to be escorted by Wiltshire Police from 7:00 am. It will be travelling from Westbury Brook Lane, The Ham, Hawkeridge Road, Philips Way, A363, A350 South – A36 towards Heytesbury – A303 Eastbound.

It is expected to leave the county on the A303 between 11: 00am and 12:00pm.

The load which will be holding sheet metal will measure 5 m wide and will take up one and a half lanes, it will be slow moving and have the potential to create congestion.

In places, oncoming traffic will be required to pull in and wait for the load to pass. Wherever possible disruption will be kept to a minimum but hauliers and motorists are asked to please be patient.

Anyone travelling over this period to catch a flight or meet appointments should allow sufficient additional time.


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