Eastcott’s Labour Councillor, Paul Dixon, has expressed his frustration that a planning application in Shelley Street for 6 flats has been appealed by the developer after Swindon Council had rejected the application in March this year.

This would be a backland development with only access to the site through a small unadopted alleyway. The developer was proposing to make this a car-free scheme which suggested that no resident living on this proposed site would use a car, something believed to be very unlikely.

This application has joined a number of other planning applications in the Eastcott area where developers have proposed schemes with either no or inadequate parking spaces in order to garner support from the council’s planning department. All appeal documents are available for inspection at: http://pa1.swindon.gov.uk/publicaccess/    The planning application reference number is S/16/1988

Eastcott Councillor, Paul Dixon, said: “Following lobbying from local residents and myself, earlier this year I was pleased to report in March that this application was rejected by Swindon Council’s Planning Department.

However I am disappointed to now have to report that the applicant has now decided to appeal this planning decision. The appeal decision will now be taken by a regional planning inspector based in Bristol.

I am supportive of using brownfield sites for development, however planning applications needs to ensure it’s in keeping with the area and provides adequate parking provision. This one doesn’t fulfil these requirements.

Before this application was rejected by the Council’s planning department, I was working closely with residents on getting this application rejected and I will be doing so again to ensure the application is again rejected on appeal.”


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