A vibrant panel of speakers will be talking about the importance of grass roots movements, direct action and protest. In these turbulent times of economic and social injustice we must fight for decent housing, workers’ rights, public services, education, equality and the NHS.

The meeting is at the Gorsehill Community Centre on Thursday 7th September from 7pm-9.30pm and is free.

The speakers are author and activist Alan Gibbons, NHS campaigner Aneira Thomas the first baby born in the NHS, Daniel Jakopovich writer, researcher and national organiser for the Stop The War Coalition (guest lecturer in Political Economy, Politics and Sociology at the University of Cambridge) and Anny Cullum from the community union ACORN which has campaigned successfully in Bristol for decent housing.

Kate Linnegar of the Swindon People’s Assembly said ‘Many people are happy to put their cross in a box on Election Day and leave the rest to the politicians. For anyone who is interested in influencing our society beyond the ballot box, this is a great opportunity to hear how. There will be a chance to engage with these seasoned national campaigners and meet local activists. History shows us that nothing is given to us and that we must fight for our quality of life and social justice. That’s how women got the vote. More recently people power has deterred a visit from Donald Trump and the Government has had to make numerous U turns under pressure from the public and the unions. One of the most significant is the removal of employment tribunal fees, allowing employees to fight against unfair treatment. There are many ways we can make a difference if we work together and there is still plenty of work to be done’.



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