Stratton Parish Councillor and St Margaret & South Marston Labour Candidate, Barrie Jennings, has called on the Council to take urgent action to resurface the White Hart Roundabout.

A number of potholes and craters continue to appear on the roundabout and the Council have ruled out fully resurfacing the junction until the remodelling of the roundabout happens, which is expected to be in 2020. The line markings have also become faded with motorists left uncertain of which lane they need to be in.

The Council has said that they will continue to refill the potholes as and when they appear but this reactive approach has left potholes unfilled for weeks on end with many reappearing after being refilled.

St Margaret & South Marston Labour Candidate, Barrie Jennings said, The issue with the White Hart Roundabout road surface has long been a problem and although the Council does try to fill the potholes when they develop, they can’t keep up with them.

The Council has acknowledged that filling in the potholes is not a permanent solution however are unwilling to make the roundabout fit for purpose until they remodel the roundabout. That could be in 2020 or beyond that. I don’t think residents should have to wait so long for a junction as busy as this one to have such a poor road surface and poor line markings.

I would urge the Council to listen to Stratton residents who are saying enough is enough and bring the roundabout back fit for purpose as soon as possible. Not in a few years time.”


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