Wages are set to increase by around £50 per month for many Swindonians this April with the national living wage for those aged 25 and over set to increase from £7.50 to £7.83 per hour.

Announcing the increase in his 2017 budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond said workers will benefit from an increase of 4.7% leaving full time workers on basic pay as much as £600 better off a year.

This increase is linked to a long-standing Conservative pledge to deliver a rate of £9-an-hour for over 25s by 2025.

What is the National Living Wage?

The government’s National Living Wage became law on 1st April 2016 under then Chancellor George Osborne.

The rules state that if you’re working and aged 25 or above (and not in the first year of an apprenticeship), your hourly rate must be at least £7.50 – or £7.83 from April 2018.

Use this handy calculator to find out if you are eligible for the National Living Wage.




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