If you’re single and looking for love, or just 15 minutes of fame, you may have just found your opportunity.Dinner Date

The hit ITV show, Dinner Date is set to film in Swindon during the next season.

In each episode, someone looking for love will be presented with five three-course menus to choose from, each of which is assembled by a potential date.

The contestant then gets to choose three of the menus for a dinner date.

During the dates, scheduled over three nights, they’ll have the chance to meet the singles behind the menus and share a meal with them in their home.

At the end of the programme, the guest then chooses which host they want to take out for a romantic second meal.

According to the production company, Hat Trick Productions: “You don’t need to be an amazing chef to take part, you just need to be single and up for a blind date!”

Those interested in applying are asked to email dinnerdate@hattrick.com.


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