Stratton Parish Councillor and Labour St Margaret & South Marston Candidate, Barrie Jennings, has called on Swindon Borough Council to take steps to improve the busy Stratton traffic lights junction between Hobley Drive and Swindon Road.

Motorists who try to come out of Swindon Road and turn right into Hobley Drive often cannot do so due to the traffic coming down Swindon Road from Greenbridge blocking the exit.

Cllr Jennings has been contacted by Stratton residents living close to the junction who have called on the Council to insert a “Keep Clear” box at the traffic lights junction between Swindon Road and Hobley Drive. Residents say this would stop the current situation where motorists trying to turn right out of Swindon Road on to Hobley Drive at peak times, cannot do so due to the traffic blocking the exit. This style of traffic management is also used at other busy junctions across Swindon.

Barrie Jennings said, “The volume of traffic has grown massively over the last decade. I have serious concerns about this particular junction. At peak times if you are unfortunate enough to be trying to come out from Swindon Road and turn right at the lights across onto Hobley Drive, you simply cannot.

There are long and slow moving traffic queues coming up Swindon Road from Greenbridge at peak times and when the traffic lights change they block access to Hobley Drive for traffic turning right out of the residual bit of Swindon Road into Hobley Drive.

A hatched box would allow traffic to join the queue on the green light. At the moment, you can sit at a green light waiting for a gap to appear and the lights have turned red by the time a gap appears. It’s very frustrating for motorists.”


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