Doctors have warned that flavoured e-cigarettes should be banned immediately to protect children.

Options like strawberry, bubblegum and chocolate encourage youngsters to try the devices, and act as a “one-way bridge” to smoking, they have said.

They are calling for an immediate ban on all flavourings and want to see e-cigarettes regulated in the same way as regular cigarettes.

Adverts that claim the devices are lower risk to children and teenagers should also be banned, experts have said.

There is mounting evidence that vaping damages health and that e-cigarettes are highly addictive. Some have said that they normalise smoking and the different designs and flavours give a sense of safety and acceptability to young people.


The use of e-cigarettes has risen sharply amongst young people and it is now the most popular tobacco-related product in this age group.



As well as putting a ban on flavourings and adverts for them, doctors have said that more research must be done to focus on the health effects of the devices.


The call to ban flavoured e-liquids comes after various studies have linked certain chemicals in the flavourings to cancer.



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