Businesses across Swindon can be some of the first in the region to hear official analysis of the Bank of England’s quarterly inflation report at the MHA Monahans Bank of England Breakfast, to be held on 16 May.

At the breakfast, Donna Kehoe, South West Representative for the Bank of England, will discuss the quarterly inflation report, due out on 10 May, and give her analysis of the regional economy and business conditions.  Donna regularly meets with businesses across the South West to find out what challenges they’re facing and what they foresee for the future, which in turn is fed back to the Bank of England to influence future policy decisions.

At the previous MHA Monahans Bank of England breakfast, held in February, Donna explained how the global economic situation is continuing to improve, with most of the G7 now showing strong growth, and that the resulting greater global demand could be a key opportunity for the UK, especially as UK export growth continues to be robust.

On a local level, the South West is bucking the national downward trend in the housing market and wage growth is predicted to increase as unemployment hits levels lower than in 1975, although real incomes in the UK have fallen, which has reduced domestic buying.

Brexit is still a concern for businesses across all regions and as a result we’re seeing UK firms postponing investment decisions.  However investment intentions are creeping back up, but not at the same rate as before Brexit.

Iain Black, Partner at MHA Monahans said: “The MHA Monahans Bank of England breakfast is a regular fixture in our calendar and gives businesses a direct line to policymakers at the Bank of England.

“For many businesses in our area, changes to inflation, interest rates and in the economy generally can have a far-reaching impact, especially on  personal finances, and knowing what is likely to be coming up in the coming months is key to forward planning for success.”

The MHA Monahans Bank of England Breakfast takes place on 16 May from 7.30am at the DoubleTree Hilton at Lydiard Fields.  Tickets costs £15.

For more information and to book, visit or call Immy Hellawell on 01225 785520.


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