Musically there is no point playing the genre game with this band, they seem to have long ago fashioned their own and then immediately set about knocking down its musical boundaries to push ever further into new musical landscapes and possibilities. It is pop, of sorts, but pop that refuses to play by the rules, instead ricocheting between eighties experimental post-punkery, 4AD influenced sonic dreaming, feel good psych-pop, acid laced avant-gardening and a whole host of sounds and styles which you might be hard pushed to actually put a name to.

Their charm and musical style is hard to put into words but that hasn’t stopped them becoming firm favourites with the movers and shakers at 6 Music. Best you just head along and check them on in the flesh, as it were. You will find them At The Victoria on Saturday 14th July.

Full band list, venues, times and other information can be found here –


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