Becoming a father and being a father are common experiences. But what does fatherhood do to a man and what do men do as dads? Fifty years ago, a father’s role was thought to be clear: he earned money at work and dispensed discipline at home. But today, dads are expected to do things differently. Evolutionary anthropologist from the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, Dr Anna Machin is the author of a new book, The Life of Dad, which is full of fascinating insights into fatherhood from across the globe. It shows the extraordinary psychological changes a man undergoes when he becomes a father, looks at how a man’s genes can influence what sort of father he will be, and how a dad can make a unique contribution to his child’s life.

Novelist and Literature and Creative Writing tutor in the University of East Anglia, Rebecca Stott is author of In the Days of Rain – a daughter, a father, a cult, which is an unflinching memoir of growing up in and breaking away from a fundamentalist sect. It gathers the broken threads of her father’s story, his questions, his doubts, and his longings, and describes his and her family’s experiences within the sect, and the aftermath of their breaking away.

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