To brighten up the town centre over the summer months, 138 floral hanging baskets have been installed in and around the main pedestrian areas in the Swindon town centre.

The baskets will be in full bloom through to October 2018 with over 3000 flowers that will add colour and vibrancy to shops and businesses around the town centre.

Swindon town centre is packed full of beautiful flowers thanks to inSwindon BID Company, who on behalf of the 480 businesses in the town centre that they represent, have invested in the project.  The BID is delighted to be supporting Swindon Borough Council in its endeavours to improve the ambience and vitality in the town centre.

Ensuring that the town centre is a welcoming and friendly environment for visitors, shoppers, workers and residents is high on the list of priorities at inSwindon BID and this is just the start of a strategy to help make the town centre even more ‘blooming lovely’ each year.

The BID will be encouraging and working with businesses in the town centre to display their own floral displays outside their premises as well as encouraging local horticultural groups to come and manage one of the many planting areas available in the town centre.

The Swindon BID team are appealing to local gardening groups to come forward with ideas for planting and to volunteer their time to transform planting areas into spectacular floral displays.  The BID will cover the cost of materials but would really like the support and experience of a local gardening group to work with them on this exciting project.  If you’re a local group and want to find out more, please get in touch with Rachael Youd on 01793 485523 or

Di Powell, inSwindon BID CEO, said: “The baskets have made a huge difference to the town centre, creating a colourful and summery environment, one that visitors can take pride in and enjoy, whether they are shopping, visiting or doing business.  This is a real opportunity to come together as a community, in collaboration, with residents, businesses and community groups to create a ‘blooming lovely’ town centre”

The town centre has been without floral decorations for a number of years and the businesses in the town centre wanted to fund eye catching floral displays as part of an ongoing investment plan to encourage growth and boost the town’s economic prosperity in the medium to long term.

Nigel Moorcroft, Great Western Camera’s Owner and inSwindon Director said: “The hanging baskets are a welcome addition to the town centre, local businesses rely on regular visitors to the town centre so it’s absolutely vital that their experience is a good one!


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