It has been announced that from June there will be no extra charges to use your phone in Europe.

Millions of people will benefit from no longer having to pay extra to send texts, make calls or browse the internet while on holiday in Europe.

The European Commission is forcing mobile firms to get rid of roaming charges in EU countries from 15th June.

In the past, Brits travelling abroad within Europe have faced huge bills when they have returned home after using their mobiles abroad. Now, the new rules mean that mobile firms cannot charge extra for text, calls or data but customers need to be careful of exceeding their agreed limit as they could still incur large bills.

EE have today confirmed they will be ditching the roaming charges in 47 EU countries from June 15 as well as announcing a new range of 4GEE Max plans which allow customers to use their call, text and data allowance in 52 destinations, including Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

Last month, Vodafone announced its plan to cutting roaming charges in line with the upcoming EU rules by allowing new or upgrading customers to use their call, text and data allowance in 40 other countries.

Three Mobile already offers free roaming – for new and existing customers – in 42 countries on its most advanced plans.


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