Apple is set to introduce the eagerly awaited iPhone 8 at a special event on 12th September in the new Steve Jobs Theater inside Apple’s HQ, it has been claimed.

It is the first event to be held in Apple’s new headquarters, nicknamed the “Spaceship” or “Fruit Loop”, and new versions of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are also expected to be launched.

TechCrunch was the first to reveal that invites for the launch had been sent out, having previously reported that the event would fall on this day.

Sources say the new iPhone could go on sale as early as 22nd September, however, according to the Economic Daily News, technical problems mean it could be delayed by weeks due to issues with the curved screen and 3D camera.

Other rumours have suggested that delays in the handset’s new fingerprint sensor mean its release could be delayed until October at the earliest.

Apple fans and the tech world has been rife with rumours recently about the new handset and what new features the iPhone 8 will have.

These include facial recognition technology and a brand new screen and camera. Analysts have also hinted that the iPhone charging cable might be removed, just like the headphone jack.

One of the most exciting features is rumoured to be wireless charging, which means the gadget will be placed on a “pad” to charge rather than needing to be plugged in.

Leaked pictures of wireless iPhone charging pads were shared on Chinese social media site Weibo.

Steven Milunovich, an analyst from global financial services giant UBS, claims that Apple’s prices are expected to stay around the same price as the iPhone 7.

He said the flagship iPhone 8 will start from $850, which is around £682.

Milunovich wrote in a report seen by Mac Rumours: “Contrary to some perceptions, Apple prices quite competitively.

“Apple likes to position its entry-level products at the mid-market with ‘Pro/Plus’ products close to competitors at the high end.”

However, other experts have predicted that buying an iPhone 8 in the UK could set you back more than £850. This is because the 10th anniversary smartphone will reportedly have 256GB of storage, augmented reality technologies, 3D sensors and high-quality OLED display, according to the Daily Mail.


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