The Met Office has issued its first ever thunderstorm warning as torrential rain, hail and lightning are predicted across parts of the south today.

The yellow ‘be aware’ warning is for South West England and South Wales and will be in effect from 6am-10pm today.

The warning comes as the UK continues to be in the midst of a heatwave that is expected to last for several more days still.

The Met Office said the heavy rain could lead to flooded homes and businesses and difficult driving conditions.

Forecasters said, “Some 30mm-40mm of rain in an hour is possible. Where surface water flooding or lightning impacts do occur they are likely to be in only a few places rather than across the whole warning area.

“The greatest chance of impacts is in the afternoon, with the risk decreasing again on Sunday evening.”

The Met Office recently stated it would be bringing in two new types of weather warnings, one for thunderstorms and one for lightning.

This is the first time the thunderstorm alert has been officially put out.

Despite the weather warning though, millions of customers are being asked to conserve water supplies by not using hosepipes or water sprinklers as the hot spell has put a strain on utility companies, which have been pumping millions of extra litres into their systems.


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