Did you know your iPhone has a hidden spirit level tool?

Your iPhone has a built-in function that can work out if a surface is level, but you’ve probably never seen it before as it is tucked away inside another app – the compass.


To find it, all you need to do is open up the compass app where you should see a standard compass icon with some location information. If you then swipe the screen from right to left this will open the spirit level.


It will show the degree at which the surface your phone is on is crooked. It also uses two white circles to highlight the angle at which the surface is crooked.

If you line the circles up and the surface your phone is on is level, the degree counter will set to zero and the screen will turn green, indicating that it’s a completely level surface.

If you have vibration turned on, you’ll also feel a small vibration once your surface is level.


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