Greggs is now selling chicken satay skewers for £1.80 as part of the bakery’s new summer menu.

Each skewer has two pieces of tender chicken on them and they come with a satay style dip for you to dunk them in. The pots contain three chicken sticks which come in at 197 calories.

They’re not the only skewers on the menu though as they’re also doing Tikka chicken ones too and they come with a yoghurt and cucumber dip.

These ones also cost £1.80 but they contain less calories at 102 per serving.

Greggs are hoping to introduce some healthier snacks and are also offering a new meal deal for the summer months.

You can enjoy a salad and a cold drink from £3 but you’ll need to pay out a bit extra if you want a snack.

Some of their new salads include the new feta and beetroot dip with grains and the honey roast ham and free-range egg salad.

Both cost £3 on their own and count as one of your five a day fruit and veg.

The bakery is also introducing some healthier snacks such as, carrot sticks and hummous, as well as a berry pot, which contains bluberries, red grapes and strawberries.




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