Swindon motorists have been faced with a hefty increase in parking charges in Swindon Borough Council run car parks since an increase came in force on April 1st.

The cost of parking in the Brunel North car park has seen an hours parking increase a modest 10p to £1.30 with two hour parking increasing by 20p.

“It is disgusting, how can they justify this increase?”

Shoppers using the £2.00 for 4 hours parking offer at the town centre car parks have seen their charges increased 50% to £3.00 prompting a number of complaints to us here at The Swindonian.

Jane Roberts from Taw Hill commenting “It is disgusting, how can they justify this increase?”

The news of this increase comes as Swindon households are already facing an above-inflation rises to council tax bills from this month.

Howard Cox, founder of the FairFuelUK pressure group, said: “Our supporters feel that our towns will become urban deserts with the cost of parking becoming more and more an inhibitory factor to keeping town centres viable.

“When will councils recognise that growing their income depends on low-cost and accessible parking, not knee-jerk cash grabs from hard-working motorists?”


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