It’s another feather in the cap for Swindon’s Old Town when not only does it embrace culture and the arts with its theatres, live music venues and museum but also has an art gallery minding its own business but with the clout to attract one of British Arts rising stars.

Marcelina Amelia has exhibited in London’s Saatchi gallery but, after a meeting with Oink owner Mark Pepperall at The Affordable Art Fair in Bristol in 2018, the Brighton-based artist decided to show her work in his gallery, and it comes as little surprise that those in the know flocked to the opening night this Saturday to meet the artist and get a taste of her vibrant mixed-media work.

I’m by no means at the cutting edge of art, I know my Matisse from my Monet and my Dali from my DaVinci but there is something accessible and – dare I say it – attractive about Marcella’s work.

Art has always been divisive, what one person loves will no doubt leave another cold, but this is the way art is supposed to be judged, it’s supposed to draw a reaction (the more emotional the better) and good art will ask questions of itself and demand conversation of its validity and existence.

Oink gallery has found an artist that matches its colourful, vibrant energy and the two go together beautifully, Amelia’s style of in-your-face colouring and messages of feminism and strength adorn the walls drawing a comparison to its surroundings, it’s clear why this artist is considered so highly.

Nip into the gallery between now (but, word to the wise, the gallery is closed on Mondays) and mid-March and judge for yourself


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