Swindon CEO Mike Bowden says they are “delighted” after their bid to enter the National Trophy was accepted.

Despite a full-time return to National League racing not being possible, the club will still bring third tier action back to the town in the mini tournament.

They will face off with Plymouth and the Isle of Wight in their group with a side set to be comprised of National League riders from clubs not involved in the National Trophy.

Bowden has revealed they are determined to play their part in developing the next generation of British talent – and he is thrilled to be taking “a first step” in 2017.

Said Bowden: “We’re delighted to be accepted into the National Trophy, and we’re grateful to those who attended the National League AGM.

“As a club, we believe we have a responsibility to do our bit to bring forward young British riders and help them to start their careers.

“Our calendar didn’t allow a full National League schedule, but we’ve taken a first step, and we’re delighted to enter the Trophy.

“We have no idea at the moment what the team will look like, but we’ll be speaking to Alun Rossiter soon about that.

“I know he’s excited by the prospect of working with some young British riders, and we’re all looking forward to our meetings with the Isle of Wight and Plymouth.

“We’re also encouraged by the news that a Southern Development League is being talked about as a second half format.

“Although we can’t commit to anything at this moment, we’ll certainly be talking to those who are involved to declare our interest in being involved.”



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