Swindon CEO Mike Bowden has moved to clarify the reasons behind the team change forced on the club.
The Robins have signed Kiwi star Bradley Wilson-Dean to replace the unlucky Mikkel B Andersen who was originally named in the side.

Said Bowden: “Given the 50-point limit for next season team building was never going to be simple.
“Team Manager Alun Rossiter was keen to bring Mikkel B Andersen into the side and made enquiries to ascertain the assessed average that would apply to Mikkel.

“He was led to believe that although the final decision rested with the BSPA Management Committee following a recommendation from an experienced independent consultant Mikkel would be assessed with an average of either 4 or 5.

“It now transpires that the process described has been abandoned and all overseas riders who do not have an established British average and who have ridden in a professional speedway league elsewhere are all to be given an assessed average of 7.

“On this new basis Mikkel’s average does not fit and with some regret and respecting the BSPA decision we have moved to sign the exciting NZ star Bradley Wilson-Dean to replace Mikkel.

“As a club we feel very sorry that a rising star like Mikkel has, through no fault of his own, been impacted by this ruling .

“We hope that in the not too distant future young riders like Mikkel can be assessed on more realistic averages to allow them to gain experience in British Speedway “


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