As well as the Local Borough Elections going on yesterday evening there were some Parish Elections too.

Check out the result for Eastcott and Hannington below.

Eastcott- results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
 Patrick Michael Herring  LAB 1710 49% Elected
Sheila Ann Kerslake  LIB 1376 39% Not Elected
Drusilla Summers  CON 431 12% Not Elected


Hannington – results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
 Steve Plumb 82 18% Elected
 Spencer Bennett Davies 77 17% Elected
 Scott George Talbert 72 16% Elected
 Guillaume Philippe Bernard Molhant Proost 69 15% Elected
 Nick Hartley 66 14% Elected
 Leon Bradley Howell 49 11% Not elected
 Kelli Marie Salone 47 10% Not elected




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