Even in a town like Swindon, which you could make a fair argument as not being so well catered for, quite literally, as some of our neighbouring towns and cities, these days there is a fair range of options for a decent meal out in the evening. Lunch time options are thiner on the ground. Moody Burgers launched in town as a fast food delivery option boasting “restaurant quality food delivered to your door” and is available directly from their website or from the usual online on-line middle men, but a lunch time visit to their premises in Commercial Road proved to be a great experience.

Being that I was after a working lunch with a colleague, more of a snack really and one that was informal, Moody Burgers seemed worth a shot. Admittedly on a weekday lunch time the place was hardly at capacity and the servers were not exactly what you would call over worked but they were friendly and happy to chat and have a joke as they took the order and I can only assume that it is an attitude that prevails even when the restaurant is busy, I would hope so anyway. Having tried a few items from the delivery menu in the past, such as their wide range of sumptuous burgers, we opted for something a bit more of an “eat in” option and selected a sharing platter…which was served on a dustbin lid. Well, that’s different at least.

And it was perfect for a lunchtime snack, wings were succulent, onion rings and fries were crunchy, deep fried gherkins were a new one on me, but both different and excellent, and the breaded chicken goujons where a great mix of intriguing outer texture and the well cooked, moist meat within. Add to that dips and sides, and of course drinks and you have quite a decent selection for the taste buds to explore. And be warned, even between two there was a certain amount left behind, such was the size of the portions.

Of course the advantage of eating in the day when the place is quiet is that the waiting time is negligible which may not always be the case if you are one of many ordering Saturday night burgers for a night in with friends and of course the accessible nature of the menu means that it is a perfect place to take the kids. All kids like burgers and fries right?

All in all it fit the bill perfectly, especially for a quick stop in the middle of the day. Okay sometimes you want a finer dining experience, a long lingering range of courses and a well chosen bottle of wine, but sometimes you just want a platter of fun and flavoursome food, piled high and dispensing with the necessities of etiquette… and indeed cutlery. And when you do, I can’t recommend Moody’s highly enough.


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