British poet Robert Browning famously wrote the lines “Open my heart and you will see, carved inside it, Italy,” and it was specifically the quiet, hill town of Asolo and its surroundings that he had fallen in love with. Before him this rolling landscape sitting in the shadow of the Dolomites had been home to aristocracy and artists, clergy and creative types alike. Il Galero is a sprawling villa drenched in history, with the iconic and instantly recognisable look of the region and after 300 years of being a luxurious private residence has opened its doors for vacation rentals.

Its location, only an hour from Venice, yet nestled in the tranquil countryside surrounded by ancient villages and wineries, means that you have the best of all worlds. Unparalleled cultural adventures are just a short journey away, sleepy rural relaxation is all around and the perfect blend of sumptuous, traditional décor and the most modern of facilities is your base.

The eight bedroom villa combines the classical glamour of its past with a modern pool and a wild garden, the nearby village will also satisfy your desire for regional, home cooked fare. Whether looking for a place to unwind and recharge, to explore the regions culture or gently meander a course between both options, Il Galero makes the perfect place to do it from. It won’t be long before you are taking after Mr Browning and penning love letters to the region.


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