They say that travel broadens the mind. So what could be  better than exploring rich and interesting cultures, under a scorching sun with a handful of friends?

Interested? BBC Three is offering all of that for a new travel show which will take you all over Spain with your mates for, hopefully, the time of your life.

An ‘innovative documentary series’ is in the pipelines for the TV channel with filming expected to be underway this summer.

The show is currently on the lookout for groups of friends aged between 18 and 25 to take part and if you fall under that criteria, you might want to get applying. You don’t have to be a travel connoisseur either or be best mates with the pals you apply with ,it could perhaps take the form of a school, or be members of a social club for example.

But the network says those applying should have great relationships and chemistry, with different experiences and backgrounds. The trip will be between mid-June and August, visiting Spain’s cities, coastal resorts, and party islands.

‘This series is all about the excitement of that first holiday with friends and will be part coming-of-age saga, part travelogue,’ Damian Kavanagh, Controller BBC Three, told Cosmopolitan.

‘We will follow them around numerous Spanish cities to learn about relationships between young friends and observe as they immerse themselves in the best the country has on offer – the food, the culture, the shopping, the beaches and the bars.

‘It will tell the story of what it means to be young and British today through the prism of exploring another culture and promises to show the different ways young people let their hair down and think about the world during their summer away from home.’

To apply, send your details; name, age, contact, Instagram account to

You’ll also need to tell the producers about yourself and the friends you’d like to travel with, plus what you hope to see and do in Spain.


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