Labour Mannington & Western Councillors, Jim Robbins, Kevin Small and Steph Exell will be presenting a motion to the January Full Council Meeting calling on the Council to take action to prevent the traffic misery around Rodbourne and other traffic hotspots in the town.

In Rodbourne local businesses have said they’re looking to relocate from Rodbourne due to the traffic problems while local residents are struggling to get out of their roads at peak times.

Back in December the Mannington & Western Councillors wrote to the Cabinet Member for Highways and Leader of the Council about the traffic problems, urging them to take some action as the traffic gridlock became apparent.

The motion calls for a cross-party group of Councillors to look at simple ways the Council can alleviate the traffic gridlock in the town.

Mannington & Western Councillor, Jim Robbins, said,“It is a shame the Council did not respond to local residents, businesses and councillors calls for something to be done to alleviate the traffic problems in the Rodbourne area. Mannington & Western Councillors wrote to the Cabinet twice in December asking them to take action and it is a shame they didn’t feel the need to respond. Residents and local businesses don’t deserve to keep having these problems every year.”

Mannington & Western Councillor, Steph Exell, said, “Having spoken with Rodbourne businesses I know how much they have struggled with the traffic problems over recent years. It has impacted not only on their sales but also on their wellbeing. Even before the rail works were developed, Rodbourne had a thriving small business community and it would be a shame if we lost that because the Council failed to address the traffic challenges. I really hope we can find a resolution.”

Fellow Mannington & Western Councillor, Kevin Small, said,“As local Councillor and Rodbourne resident, I know first-hand how difficult the traffic has been on residents. It is a real frustration when you can’t even drive out of your street because the traffic is so bad. The Outlet Centre being successful is great news but its success shouldn’t be to the detriment of local residents and other businesses. The least the Council can do is bring the political parties together to find sensible ways we can help mitigate the traffic problems.”


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