Swindon holidaymakers are being warned to stay alert for terrorist attacks abroad as they prepare to jet off on their summer holidays.

Police are urging tourists to make sure they are aware of the key steps they can take to stay safe in the event of a terrorist emergency, before they depart.

A four-minute film depicting a firearms attack unfolding at a hotel outlines the main advice and will be released on Monday.

Police emphasised there is no specific intelligence that an attack is planned against UK holidaymakers this summer, saying the film is part of a general campaign to raise public awareness.

Detective chief superintendent Scott Wilson, national co-ordinator for the protect and prepare strategy said: “As we saw in Tunisia in 2015, any westerner is likely to be a target anywhere in the world.

“That’s the sad reality of it. The chances of it happening are still very low.

“We’ve seen attacks in numerous countries so we are trying to say western tourists overseas should be aware of what they should and shouldn’t do if they are caught up in such an attack.”

The film is an adaptation of the ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ message released in December 2015 and was also used last month during the London Bridge atrocity.

The guidance says that people should leave their belongings behind and run to a place of safety if there is a safe route. Insist others eave with you. Do not put yourself at risk if they become indecisive.

If there is nowhere to go, hide by barricading themselves in and turn their phones to silent.

Then, only when it is safe, they should alert the authorities by calling the local emergency number, which holidaymakers should find out in advance.

For EU countries it is 112.

Mr Wilson said: “The chances of being caught up in a terrorist incident are still low but sadly we have seen atrocities take place in the UK and abroad.

“So it is important everyone stays alert and knows what to do if the worst was to happen.

“We want people to think of this in the same way they do the safety film airlines show before take-off. They don’t expect anything bad to happen but it is a sensible safety precaution to show people what to do.”



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