Swindon People’s Assembly is inviting people join them at a national demonstration on Sunday 1st October. This is part of five days of demonstrations, cultural events, rallies, comedy, music and public meetings taking place all across Manchester to protest the Conservative Party conference from 30 September – 4 October 2017 including a major national demonstration the day the Conservative Party Conference opens on Sunday 1 October.

Their view is that the General Election result left Theresa May and the Conservative Party with a weak, unstable Government. The result represented a rejection of their austerity driven policies that only benefit those at the top but that the Government still remains committed to cuts, privatisation & eroding workers’ rights and the festival will demonstrate the huge opposition to the politics of austerity, racism and war and demand an alternative that works for everyone.

Kate Linnegar, secretary of the Swindon People’s Assembly said ‘This government is blighting people’s lives. A recent survey by more than 80 organisations reported that 79 per cent of disabled people said their assessments for personal independence payment (PIP) had made their health worse, due to stress or anxiety. Some have become suicidal. More than a third of those who have had their funding cut in the middle of a benefits shake-up said they were struggling to pay for food, rent and bills, while 40 per cent said they had become more isolated.

More than 80 people perished in the Grenfell tower tragedy. People who were ignored when they raised concerns about the safety of their homes.

We see locally that the number of homeless children in Swindon has surged by 162 per cent in the past five years.

Some 415 youngsters are now living in temporary accommodation, shelters, hostels or bed and breakfasts, an increase from 158 in 2012.

In March this year the Guardian reported that about 100,000 children fell into relative poverty in 2015-16, a year on year increase of one percentage point, according to household data published by the government. About 4 million, or around 30%, are now classed as poor.

The latest annual rise was relatively modest, but analysts said planned cuts to working-age benefits were likely to dramatically increase poverty rates over the next three years.

UK foodbank use continues to rise with over one million three-day emergency food supplies given to people in crisis in 2016/17.

I could go on and on about homelessness, the unaffordable cost of homes, the stagnation of wages, the proliferation of zero hours contracts, the cuts to education, the destruction of the NHS, the pay cap for our public sector workers and the loss of our childrens’ centres and libraries. These are all examples of the result of this government’s austerity cuts. There is always money for war and to bribe the DUP to join them. This is about political choices not economic necessity. That is why we are demonstrating. We are taking our message directly to this Tory government. I urge people who feel the same to join us at this crucial national demonstration.’

Coach tickets are available at Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/swindon-coaches-to-national-demo-tory-party-conference-manchester-tickets-37000850540

Or by emailing peoplesassemblyswindon@gmx.co.uk

Or telephoning the office 01793 522824

We are leaving Chapel Street car park at 7.30am where cars can be left free of charge all day. Tickets cost £8 unwaged, £14 waged, £20 solidarity which enables us to offer seats to those who cannot afford a seat. No-one will be left behind through lack of funds.


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