There is an alarming number of cats appearing on local Swindon lost and found sites. Swindon’s Eastcott Vets are urging cat owners to act in an attempt to reduce these numbers. During February they are offering microchips for cats for just £10. Cats, unlike dogs, can ‘own’ a number of people and travel from house to house for ‘second supper’ without shame. However, things can go wrong and a cat that likes to do the rounds can be picked up and handed in somewhere as a stray. A microchipped cat can be scanned and quickly reunited with their owners. However, a cat without a microchip may never be reunited with their owners and could find themselves re-homed. The inability to identify an injured or sick ‘stray’ cat can prove to be a greater problem.

If you would like to book your cat in for a £10 microchip during February, please call Eastcott Vets on 01793 528341


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