Dog owners should be aware of certain foods that could be poisonous to their pets around Christmas time.

Christmas is a time where we over indulge, lay out a spread of rich and exotic treats for ourselves and probably leave scraps and left overs within easy reach of pets. But please remember that some of the most popular foods around Christmas time can be harmful and even poisonous to dogs. Dogs are probably the most likely pet to e scrounging around at meal times or stealing left overs when know one is looking but be warned that there are a lot of Christmas treats that will do them no good what so ever.

Here is a list of food to be aware of:

– Cooked bones and fatty foods
– Christmas pudding
– Christmas cake
– Mince pies
– Peanuts and Macadamia nuts
– Mushrooms
– Onions
– Garlic
– Chocolate
– Grapes and raisins
– Sugar
– Peach and Nectarine stones

Also harmful to dogs is alcohol and also watch out for those Christmas decorations!

If your dog manages to get hold of any of these items, try your best to not let your dog swallow anything.

It is always best to seek veterinary help if you feel your dog’s health has been put at risk.

Have a great Christmas but keep an eye out for what your beloved pet is up to, you know dogs, they just can’t help themselves.


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