Fact or Fiction with Speak Dog Training
Exploring some common misconceptions around dog training and behaviour with Emma Johnston from Swindon’s Speak Dog Training.

Fact or Fiction?

Using dog treats to train your dog means you will always have to use treats to bribe them?

Fiction – Firstly not all dog is motivated by treats, some dogs prefer a ball or toy over rewards but most dogs love treats.
Treats are like cash for your dog, they work for you (performing or training) and they want paying for it, it’s called motivation! Cash to be able to live and buy nice things is your motivation when you go to work.

However, did you know that if you continued to reward your dog for the rest of it’s life for every exercise it performed, the behaviour you trained will actually start to become weaker.

Guilty Dog

Your dog knows when they have done wrong as they look guilty?   

Fiction – Dogs that you think show guilt are likely to be feeling nervous as they can see you are angry or upset, the facial expressions and body language are signs of your dog trying to calm you down.

You can’t teach on old dog new tricks

Fiction – This is total fiction, you can!

There’s evidence that dogs enjoy learning throughout their lives.

Perhaps this myth came from the importance of teaching and socialising puppies while they are young.

It is absolutely true that there’s no substitute for early learning and puppy training – But that doesn’t mean older dogs can’t learn either.

Speak Dog training courses and home sessions help you get the best out of your dog not just in the early stages but for life. Visit www.speakdog.co.uk to read more including blogs on The Dominance Theory and Toilet Training – flushing bad habits down the pan!


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