The unnamed supermarket that may have infected thousands of people with virus carried by pigs has been unveiled today by The Huffington Post.

It has been reported that the Public Health England (PHE) assessed the shopping habits of people infected with hepatitis E and found that the consumption of ham and sausages from one particular supermarket was a recurring feature.

Under pressure for days to reveal the name of the supermarket the PHE revealed to The Huffington Post that the supermarket at the centre of the investigation is in fact Tesco although PHE are quick to lay no blame for the infection to the supermarket.

Dr Jenny Harries, from PHE, said: “The risk to public health in England from hepatitis E infection is low, it is usually a mild, self-limiting illness which most people will clear without any symptoms.

“Tesco was not named in our study because we attach no fault to the company.

“This study was a statistical analysis that found an association between clinical hepatitis E and sausage and ham products rather than direct causation.

“Most of the cases involved the G3-2 hepatitis E strain, which has not been found in UK pigs, and the appearance of this strain is likely to reflect complex animal health practices within Europe, rather than any processes used by the retailer.

“PHE understands all sausages sold under the Tesco brand are exclusively sourced within the UK.

“The Food Standards Agency is working with government, industry bodies and scientists across Europe to better understand and address the risk of foodborne hepatitis E infection.”



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