Thousands of families across the country could get a massive benefits boost after the rules on Universal Credit changed.

The changes see the limit on child benefit no longer applicable to families who adopt children or look after relatives. The U-turn from the Government comes after a High Court judge ruled ministers were breaching human rights laws.

Currently, a family can only claim cash for their first two children but not for the third or beyond.

But if a family with two children goes on to adopt another, they are entitled to an increase in benefits. Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey announced that from now on, the same rule will apply to all families with adopted kids – even if they adopted a child first, then had a biological third child later.

The rule change also apply to people who look after their relatives’ children but it will not apply to stepchildren as long as they are still living with one of their biological parents.

It will bring a boost of £231.67 per child for every Universal Credit claimant affected and some parents could get even more if they qualify for top-up payments because of low earnings.

Last week a judge ruled that the general two-child limit is legal despite a High Court challenge. But,he added, it was unfair that the exemption for adopted children only applies to certain families.


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