So there are just a few days to go until the Christmas break and you have found yourself stuck in the office bored, right?

Well 4D Data Centres have released their Top Five Online Games for Christmas 2017 list which will maybe help you pass the time. Just don’t tell the boss!

Change Freeze
This first person survival game from 4D Data Centres pitches your ability to dodge snowmen in a data centre. It sounds weird and it is, but getting a score over 1,000 is surprisingly difficult. There’s a Raspberry Pi retro gaming kit as a prize for the best score before the end of 2017.

Present Bounce
This is a physics based puzzle game from Google which requires you to bounce, slide and nudge presents into Santa’s sack. Solving the puzzles is pretty simple with trial and error, but doing it quickly and efficiently is where the challenge lies.

Penguin Dash Image result for penguin dashAnother Google game but more challenging than Gumball. Guide your penguin over the blocks of ice to collect presents, dodge the Christmas trees and help him to meet his elf friends on the other side without taking a dunk into the freezing water.

Delivery Day
This Bejeweled-inspired game from delivery firm UPS will have you matching parcels to the colour-coded house as quickly as possible. It starts off simple but the skill comes from chaining multiple deliveries in one go and scoring combo points.

Cube Slam Image result for cube slamThis is an addictive 3D Pong-style game where you can play against a friend or an AI. Whilst this might be stretching the definition of a ‘Christmas game’ it does feature a Polar Bear.

If you find yourself wasting away the hours drop us a message with your top scores.


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