No doubt you have all seen those Facebook posts asking ‘How much is my coin worth?’ or ‘I have the new £10 note with the numbers AA001, give me £1,000,000 and it’s yours!’. But how much are the rare coins and banknotes really worth?

The money experts at have created a new league table of the UK’s most popular coins and banknotes to help sellers determine a realistic selling price using the prices on completed eBay sales.

 ChangerChecker's new league table shows how much coins are selling for on eBay

According to the experts the increased press coverage of the value of coins currently in circulation has helped increase prices.

Information available on shows the Kew Gardens 50p will now set you back £82, £10 more than 6 months ago. The Jemima Puddle-Duck 50p has more than doubled in its selling price, recently fetching £11 on the auction site and the Olympic Football 50p is now regularly sold for over £10.

The next update will be released in June 2018 and will then be released every six months.



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