Bloom & Wild has created the ultimate Easter themed brain-teaser that challenges you to find the Easter egg amongst the flowers.

Test your egg hunting skills and have a go, this years average in the Bloom & Wild office (from those who didn’t give up) was 6 minutes – can you manage to find it any quicker?

What’s the connection with eggs & flowers? Both are classic symbols of Easter.

 For centuries, eggs have been associated with rebirth and renewal, at first symbolising the arrival of spring and then later adopted as a symbol of Christianity (of course, today they’re found in a mostly chocolate form). Now they also have a broader use, as a way to treat your loved ones over the long weekend.

Similarly significant to Easter are flowers. White Easter Lilies, Azaleas, Tulips and Daisies are the classic flowers for Easter.

To view the brainteaser and check out your egg finding skills, click here.


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