The impact of climate change on people in the Marlborough community will come under the spotlight at a seminar organised by Citizens’ Climate Lobby UK

.A local amateur weatherman will join a Marlborough-based professor of earth sciences to explore climate change on our doorstep – and as part of a global issue. Eric Gilbert, who has been recording the weather daily in Marlborough, Wiltshire for 34 years, will talk about the trends he has noticed at a very local level.

Professor Dave Waltham teaches students to look for oil at Royal Holloway University earth sciences department, yet as a scientist knows the devastating contribution fossil fuels have made to climate change.

He has developed a model which demonstrates the time we have left to bring down greenhouse gas emissions if we are to meet the Paris Agreement of no more than 1.5 degree global rise in temperature.

After the presentations, Citizens’ Climate Lobby UK executive committee member Louisa Davison will discuss the global organisation’s solution of a carbon fee and dividend, where carbon from fossil fuels is taxed and the revenue is divided equally among UK citizens.
“In Britain, with our wonderfully temperate climate, it’s sometimes easy to ignore climate change as we don’t suffer the extreme storms and droughts of the equatorial countries,” said Louisa.


“The seminar will explore the impact climate change is having on our community, as well as looking at the well-documented worldwide effects. Citizens’ Climate Lobby thinks the problem is too big for small solutions – we lobby the government to implement a pollution tax which will also protect the purse of the average person.”

‘How long does our liveable climate have?’, which is free to attend, takes place at the Enterprise Centre at St John’s School, Marlborough on Tuesday 23 October, from 7.30pm. It will also be streamed live and interactive.

With Eric Gilbert (Windrush Weather) and Professor Dave Waltham (Earth Sciences, Royal Holloway University of London)


Tuesday 23 October, 7.30pm. Free entry (donations welcomed)
At Enterprise Centre, St John’s School, Marlborough, and online

To book a free ticket and to see how to access the talk online, visit


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