PC Emily Thomas, who works in the Wiltshire Police Rural Crime Team, would like to urge horse owners to take the time to photograph the tack, accessories and equipment they own as there have been instances of recovering items that are believed to be stolen but are unable to trace the rightful owners. She advises, “Photographing all equipment and recording any serial numbers of items you buy gives us a much greater chance of being able to reunite your items with you.”
If you have wear and tear or damage on a certain area photograph these unique markings. In the event your items are ever taken these images can be shared with Police straight away and saved with your crime report, it can then be included on communications like this newsletter and will be stored on the police system; you can also circulate images quickly on social media and for sale pages to alert others to inform you if they see your belongings being advertised. If items are later retrieved, having these images of unique markings can help prove the item had been stolen from you and enable them to be returned.
She also suggests that you may also want to look at what extra security you can have in place for any items of great importance or high value, such as considering CCTV or tracking devices.


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