Swindon based WHSmith have this week been voted the worst UK retailer on the high street in a vote of Which? subscribers, with just 586 respondents views taken into account.

With the High Street seeing closures on a near weekly basis it is hard to understand how a national research company can release such a damaging headline which could affect the chain, with such a low number of people studied?

586 views were taken into account in a national survey ranking stores that have more outlets than there were replies to the survey? How then has this survey received so much coverage?

The survey reveals that of these 586 people surveyed 89% of them ranked Richer Sounds as the top retailer. This retailer only has 53 stores Nationwide.

According to Which? customers praised Richer Sounds for its in-store experience, with appreciation shown for having purchases carried to their cars, or the retailer paying for customer parking.

Second in the survey was Rohan’s, a retailer with just 58 stores, it begs the question of are Which? asking a fair representation of the people to rank our high street?

A WHSmith spokesman said: “This survey accounts for the views of only 586 Which? subscribers and is neither statistically relevant nor meaningful relative to our loyal customer base.

“Every week we serve three million customers in our 600 UK high street stores and have maintained our presence on the high street where many other retailers are closing stores. We work hard to improve customer experiences and continue to invest in new and existing stores.”



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