Wiltshire Police are issuing a warning to local drug users following concerns regarding fentanyl which has recently been located in the county.

Fentanyl is a toxic opioid that mimics the effects of morphine in the human body, but has a potency 50 to 100 times that of morphine. It is often mixed with other drugs such as heroin. It can be found in white powder, gel or tablet form.

Fentanyl can cause skin rash, cardiac or respiratory problems, coughing, hypotension, convulsion and hallucination amongst other things.

Detective Constable Robert Blake said: “We would always advise against taking any illegal drugs, but following the discovery of a small amount of this substance, we are urging local drug users to be extra cautious.

“The safety of the public is our number one priority, and we are issuing this warning due to concerns that fentanyl may be in circulation in Wiltshire.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101. In an emergency, call 999.


  1. More reason to end prohibition and reduce harms through regulation. Exactly the same with Al Capone booze running mafias in USA. The poisonous highly toxic recreational drug alcohol was lethal under prohibition and made safer and harder to obtain through decriminalisation, regulations and licensing.

    Exactly the same logic applies to all uncontrolled so called controlled drugs!

    Prohibition maximises potential harms.

    Regulations reduce potential harms.

    Consider, why is it considered socially and morally acceptable to inebriate one’s self to get pissed with the toxic recreational drug alcohol yet considered socially unacceptable and immoral to alter one’s state of consciousness with an alternative to the only lawfully available recreational drug?

    Finally I applaud the Wiltshire police for its pragmatic response and for delivering warning BEFORE more UNNECESSARY DEATHS occur. Unlike TM and her decision to sit on the warning of the lethal Superman fake ecstasy tablets and feel years ago.

    More pragmatic policing is required to reduce harms…I’ve already heard of supposed cocaine in Wiltshire schools and this is terrifying.

    Time for change to protect all not just alcohol consumers.


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