Walkers crisps have this week launched a nationwide crisp packet recycling scheme.

The UK-wide recycling initiative for crisp packets is free to use and allows people to dispose of the bags in an environmentally friendly way whilst also helping local and national charities able to benefit.

The bags, which can be any brand, are shredded and turned into plastic pellets which can be transformed into park benches, plant pots, watering cans and cool bags.

Ian Ellington, General Manager of PepsiCo UK, said: “This is another important step towards our ambition to make all of our packaging 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025.

“This is the first crisp packet recycling scheme in the UK and it will only work if everyone gets collecting and sending in, which is why we’ve made the scheme as simple as possible and free.”

Help keep the Wiltshire Air Ambulance flying?

  • Collect empty crisp packets and once you have amassed 400 you can contact the Facebook group Recycle For Wiltshire Air Ambulance for a pre paid label for a UPS pick up.
  • The packets will then be sent to TerraCycle who will clean them and shred them ready to be made into small plastic pellets, which will be used to make everyday items such as outdoor furniture, trays, and even roofing and flooring.
  • Terracyle will then allocate charity points to Wiltshire Air Ambulance, where a financial donation is made, depending on the number of bags collected.


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